At Annapolis ENT our mission is to provide quality care that is current, comprehensive and delivered in a compassionate manner. A patient’s first experience with our practice is important to us. Here is what to expect during a patient’s initial visit with our practice:

We require that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time in order to electronically enter your information into our new Phreesia tablet system. Your early arrival ensures that you will have ample time with your provider.

The Phreesia tablet system allows us to:

  • Capture your essential demographic information electronically, rather than having to fill out several forms manually.
  • Pay your copay yourself by swiping your card on the tablet.
  • Store your current insurance and demographic information as well as medical history for future check in usage.
  • Maintain your pharmacy preferences so that we can submit your medications electronically.

The time dedicated to this visit will save significant time during future visits to our practice. Our friendly staff is readily available to assist patients with the Phreesia tablet.

After the completion of your registration a member of our nursing staff will take your vital signs. Then an ENT physician will meet with you to discuss your concerns and possible treatment options. After your visit with the physician a member of our nursing staff will then review the next steps and a follow-up plan.

Payment & Insurance Information

We participate with most major insurance companies. Referrals, if needed, are the responsibility of the patient. Please contact your primary care and bring your referral with you to your appointment. Payment is expected at the time of service. For your convenience we accept Visa and Master Card.