Ear Disorders

The team at Annapolis ENT includes full-time audiologists and an audio-vestibular lab to aid in the diagnosis and management of ear disorders such as hearing loss and vertigo. Allow our team to help you hear better.

Nasal & Sinus Disorders

We provide comprehensive management of nasal and sinus disorders, including nasal congestion and obstruction, sinus infections, nasal polyps, nosebleeds, and allergic rhinitis. The latest techniques of balloon sinuplasty, image guided sinus surgery, and topical drug delivery are incorporated into treatment plans.

Throat Disorders

Our state-of-the-art videostroboscopy system allows our physicians to diagnose accurately and plan treatment for problems related to the voice. Patients are able to see firsthand on computer-recorded video why their voices are abnormal. Chronic cough, difficulty swallowing, sore throat and tonsillitis, and reflux are common problem we address.

Head & Neck Cancer Center

Offering full integrative services with endocrinology, medical oncology, and radiation oncology at Anne Arundel Medical Center to provide superior and compassionate care.

Snoring & Sleep Disorders

Our doctors will provide expert opinions on the causes of snoring and sleep apnea then develop a tailored treatment plan for each patient.